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Therasuit Method

Therapy in Praxis offers spacious research facilities equipped with special fitness equipment for the paediatric population. The unique equipment designed for children with special needs includes stationary bikes, cross trainer, treadmills, and rower.

The fitness equipment is appropriate for children ages 3 and up.

Other equipment utilised at our facilities includes the Universal Exercise Unit [UEU], a system of pulleys & weights designed to isolate and work specific muscle groups, along with the Spider, a system of bungee cords and belts designed to strengthen lower extremities & trunk as well as to assist with static & dynamic balance.

Parallel bars installed inside the UEU allow the therapist to combine concepts with gait training, functional skills and transfers. It can be done with the use of the ‘spider’ tracking rail or independently.

The therapist might replace the parallel bars with two suspended ropes, creating a version of a ‘suspended bridge’.

Providing low grade resistance and assistance to complete full range of motion allows the muscle group to improve strength and function.

Not only is the UEU the most effective device for improving muscle strength but it allows for isolating the desired muscle group.

The UEU along with specific exercises performed in it allows the therapist to re-educate he child’s nervous system to isolate one extremity from the other and move it independently. This is how normal gait becomes a reality.

While strengthening muscles and improving function, the system of exercises performed in the UEU contributes to gains in range of motion, both active and passive and improved muscle flexibility and tone. This is the main reason why we promote it for the cerebral palsy population.

With the use of the tracking rail the child and the therapist work on the proper co-ordination of the movements [for example, reciprocation], the quality of the movement and endurance.

Together with the ‘Spider’ [through the system of elastic bungees and a wide belt worn around the waist], the UEU provides a very dynamic vertical or horizontal suspension.

The goals of the exercise performed in the ‘spider’ are to improve functional skills [sitting, crawling, standing, walking], balance, co-ordination and sensory-motor integration.

It is helpful and often used as a dynamic stander – the child learns the concept of weight shifting and weight bearing along with the consequences of a lack of these skills – in a safe and controlled way.

The biggest goal in mind would always be promoting independent movement.

We utilise the TheraSuit™ with all children who have been screened and are found not to possess qualities that are contraindicated for use of the suit. The TheraSuit™ comes in five different sizes making it possible to use on children of all ages.




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