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Mother of C, age 14 years

We have been involved with the TIP nearly 2 years, for assessment and ongoing holistic therapy involving a feeding programme, including TalkTools therapy.

We have worked with the team on integration therapy, sensory attachment therapy, and assessment and support with social/ communication skills.

We have used The Listening programme and are presently using Interactive Metronome and Fast ForWord programs under the supervision of TIP therapists.

As a family we have been involved with a team of TIP Therapists who provide a wide range of skills and expertise, and liaise with school and other professionals involved, so that we all work as a team.

The therapies evolve as C's needs change and new challenges arise. It has taken a long time to find the right help for C due to the complex nature of his conditions,.

The work has required commitment and hard work on all sides but has been worthwhile and rewarding as C is now making progress in all areas of his life.

Mother of B, age 10 years

Despite having received B's diagnosis of Atypical Regressive Autism when he was three years of age, the diagnosis never fully explained his presentation.

Professionals occasionally mentioned sensory issues associated with Autism, one elaborated once by saying he probably has sensitive hearing….

Eventually when B was six years old I found Therapy in Praxis. He was clinically assessed in a way he had never been before, he was treated with respect and dignity for the first time, and finally he was understood.

Thanks to Therapy in Praxis I have a whole different understanding of who B is and the knowledge and skills required to meet his daily needs.

This knowledge has had a profound effect on our lives together. I feel if B could speak he would thank them himself for making his life dramatically more comfortable.

A diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder means at last everything makes sense!

Mother of A, age 12 years

Our son at the age of 4, used to go on his legs and arms and bark like a dog when people came to our home. He experienced solitary playground breaks for a whole year, because he was unable to interact with his peers at primary school. We were unable to go out to restaurants or any family outing became too stressful, so we became reclusive.

His medical resume was Ritalin and dexamphetamine, which unfortunately did not work for our son and made him become severally ill. Intervention consisted of breaking down fear (fight or flight) scenarios, and sensory based intervention allowing our son to emotionally progress and his self-esteem.

Initially, our son was based in TIP facilities to develop his motor skills, speech and language and his emotional and behavioural difficulties. After a while, our son then started having 'real life' situations to deal with, although this was extremely hard,

Therapy in Praxis were there to hold our hand and life eventually started to become easier. Shopping, eating out, and going to the cinema, encouraging our son to stop wearing his ear defenders and cowering behind us, when in public.

The Listening Programme and Cogmed, played an important intervention too, developing his memory skills.

Our son now attends a dyslexic school, without 1:1 full time TA support. He is thriving, but every day holds a new experience, life isn't about what mistakes are being made, it's about progress and what life lesson has been learnt today.

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