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Sensory Integration Overview

We appreciate how confusing it can be for parents, families, teachers, or professionals to understand how to get the best support for children or young people; particularly if previous interventions haven't helped you to achieve the goals you wanted, or you feel that you're not sure where to start.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or sometimes referred to as Sensory Integrative Dysfunction (SID) is a global term which can be used to describe a broad spectrum of underlying causes within the central nervous system which manifest in a range behavioural difficulties. Sensory integration is not directly observable in assessment (this would require MRI scans); therefore therapists clinically analyse clusters of behaviours seen across settings to develop an understanding of the causes for these behaviours. All of our assessments are carried out within the context of play and leisure, and often the child or young person are not aware they are being assessed!

Our team can work with individuals who may have a range of needs- from functional difficulties such as handwriting or tying shoelaces, right through to complex and 'stuck' children who may be displaying challenging behaviour, self-injurious behaviour, or who are not able to fully engage in the world around them in an optimal way. We see children with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 'Challenging Behaviour', right through to children who may have more specific difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, or specific learning difficulties; and indeed children who have not received any diagnoses.

Our team of post-graduate accredited Sensory Integration Practitioners can work through your concerns with you. For more complex cases we would develop a person-centred pathway with identified outcomes in order to support the child or young person to fulfil their goals.

We offer a range of assessment packages within any of our specialist clinic spaces, within schools, within the family home, or within care placements or any other setting that may be relevant. We believe in multi-agency and multi-disciplinary working, which means that the team around the child or young person are working in a holistic manner to yield the most efficient, effective and beneficial outcomes. Our range of assessment procedures means that the needs and opinions of the child or young person, their family, their educational team, and other involved professionals or individuals are all integrated.

In contrast to other assessment procedures, we consider the child holistically to understand how any sensory processing deficits, social difficulties, self-esteem and confidence issues, and other relevant factors interplay together. All behaviour serves a purpose, and using an 'occupational lens' we tease apart the different factors so that the correct treatment or intervention can be implemented.

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         Sensory Discrimination


More Information

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We would also recommend that you follow the link below to the Sensory Integration website for further information on signs and symptoms;

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